Have you ever seen the waves breaking against a rock? It’s majestic for what it is – waves of water slamming up against a rock. What is it that makes it so majestic? What is it that makes her so majestic, despite the fact that she’s holding her head at such an inconvenient angle?

The picture is like a dream of a daydream. Look long enough at it, and it blurs the line between real and unreal, between pixels on a screen and softness you can reach out and touch. The light in her eyes, it can see you – and that is something you know for a fact.

She had lazy, dopey eyes. Long, long eyelashes, the most vivid part of her – like slashes of electric, living vanity on a lady who bears the calmness of the immortal slowness of nature. The spark of life in her eyes is far too alive for that kind of eternally slow grace, and watch – it dies out, slowly. But just in this moment, in her face – her body still lives, has not surrendered to the plant life surrounding it. She’s alive, human – it is only her soul that slowly succumbs to vegetation. She has… such a beautiful neck. Colours like sunset – and her neck sets into a body that’s as confident and alive as whatever time of the day it is you’re in full swing, woken up, ready for everything your day entails. her body lives. It is she who chooses to die.




Is this the story of her death?


No.. it’s the story of her life. Of her baptism – of her beginning to live, for she never had before! That is what this story is about!

This story is going to be told by  a God. 

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