Constructs, Rules, and an Ideal World.

I’ve got a Green Lantern ring on my finger. It’s from the movie - so not my favorite design, and it’s also bloody HUGE. So my typing’s a little more clunky than usual. However, I love it. I love it, love it, love it. I LOVE it. It’s green, and when you hold it up to the light it looks so… deeply green. And it’s the symbol! The green lantern symbol of willpower! And the circle in the middle… that green little bulge of a circle in the center - it’s like anything, anything at all could come out of that little circle. Like I could will giant green boxing gloves out of it, like I could create little green gargoyles to crawl down the walls. 

I have to admit, though. Having it on my hand is a LOT like the dream. I can’t - I just can’t seem to be able to even IMAGINE the kind of constructs I would want it to create. I look at it  and all I can imagine are bright green *gloops* bubbling pathetically out of that little circle in the center. I feel like I’ve got the most powerful weapon in the universe on my finger and all I can do is get it to go *gloop*. And not one of those satisfying gloops either!! 

It’s like my creativity fails me when I need it the most. No, it’s EXACTLY that - nothing, for me, would be the more ultimate expression of my imagination than a green lantern ring CREATING everything I can picture. 

Maybe I’m looking at things the wrong way, though. Look at my writings, or think of them. I envision more abstract concepts, wouldn’t you think? Describing physical surroundings, appearances, sensory perceptions - anything tangible - it’s never been my strong point. And that’s what the ring does, doesn’t it? Create things that are physical. Kyle Rayner’s an artist - his LIFE is creating more tangible versions of things he’s seen in his mind. John, the architect, creating constructs of structural integrity. And Hal, Guy? Men of action. Men bound strongly to the physical world. While me? I’ve got my head in the clouds. 

Should my ultimate superpower dream be telepathy, as opposed to the necessary of thinking in physical objects as the ring would require of me? 

I’ve never really thought of this before. It’s the perfect thing to consider and explore, really, in this story I’ve been thinking of writing where I bring in conflict between a Lanternesque powered hero(played by meeeee) and a telepathic violent, tourist hating villian(played by my frieeeeeend) - I’m basically writing fan fiction about US if we had superpowers. 

My friend really hates tourists. I’m calling her a Happy Note. The “Note” is a pun - she sings AND writes. 

Alright, enough about that. I want to write a bit about the Spider-Lady now, and her rules. Spider-Lady’s a girl who knows what she wants from life. She knows it so well, in fact, that she has a whole list of rules on how she intends to live it. I won’t list any of those rules here, but suffice it to say that they affect the way the lives her life in a not unsignificant way. She really, really sticks to them, and does not take the breaking of any of them lightly. 

I’m thinking I need rules. I’m thinking it would do me a world of good. But golly gee. If I’m going to stick to these rules with a strictness worth of Spider-Lady, they need to be good rules. Like, these would be the kind of rules that define not only me, but how I see the world and what I expect from it. Like, the rule Don’t Get Hit By Cars shows that I expect getting hit by a car to be painful, says that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to get hurt by moving cars, and that being his by moving cars is not something I ever want happening to me. 

And when it comes to that, I realize I don’t really know myself that well, or what I expect from the world, what I want out of life. I didn’t even finish that 50 Things That Make Up An Ideal World thing I was talking about a few posts ago. A month ago, was that? I’m not completely sure. 

But it’s not like I’ve not been working on it. I feel like sharing, tonight - not with just my small band of followers, but with the world in general. I mean, I am speaking right now to potentially anyone in the world right now, aren’t I?

50 Things

  1. In an ideal world, people can fly. 
  2. The garbage disposal problem is fixed permanently. Every item that is produced can be returned after usage to be recycled into something new. No wastage. 
  3. Everyone knows how their bodies work, and knows what substances are harmful or helpful, to what extend, in what doses. It’s compulsory to know a doctor’s basics by graduation. 
  4. The whole world is under one governing body. Each country still has its own sub-government, of course.
  5. One language is picked. Everyone is taught this language. Other languages, though allowed to flourish, are optional, 
  6. Nobody is allowed to have a child without going through at least a year of counselling and psychological assessment. Oh, and training, of course. 
  7. People know what to do with their time.
  8. We’ve populated other planets. 
  9. Nobody goes hungry. 
  10. Spirituality would flourish, religion would be about history, mythology, culture… and discipline. Not restrictions, not punishable judgement. It would be taught, not enforced except by oneself. But it would be taught that discipline is necessary.
  11. Healthy food would always be fucking DELICIOUS. 
  12. The entertainment sector would be taxed heavily so that there are no million dollar movie budgets, no billions paid for paint on a canvas. 
  13. It would be impossible to damage your ears from listening to music too loudly. 
  14. Everyone’s allowed to say anything unless it is with intent to deceive. 
  15. Our physiology would be extremely adaptable, thus more resilient. 
  16. People would share. 
  17. The ideal class? A teacher simple acting as a coordinator for the moving forward of thought and studies. 
  18. No hangovers. 
  19. We’d be able to monitor a body ENTIRELY, and know what’s going on with it absolutely. 
  20. Art would be easier to create, share, access - it’d be free.
  21. People would be able to say what they feel without being judged for it. 
  22. Nobody would pay for what they can’t afford. 
  23. Five-sense virtual experiences would be possible. 
  24. Thoughts and memories would be recordable. 
  25. It would be easier to find like-minded people. 
  26. Teleportation works. 
  27. Weapons Designed Only For Killing(WeDOKs) would be universally abolished. 
  28. More cupcakes. 

As you can see, I’m reaching, now. I copied this straight out of the notebook I’ve written them down in, with minimal adjustment. It’s hard to think of things to add… either somethings already covered under something I’ve said, or it contradicts something on the list, or it’s something that, while nice, wouldn’t be on an ideal world. 

I’m not sure what this list says about me. About how I see the world. And it’s not just what I’ve put in, is it, that speaks about me? It’s what I haven’t put in, what I don’t consider priorities, that also make up me. I want to see other people’s lists. It’s a long shot, but… 25 things, anyone? 

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